What is in a name …


The word  narcissism means excessive interest in oneself. It can also be erotic interest or sexual desire for one’s own body. In informal speech,it is referred to as ‘tall-man syndrome’. Egoism is a  synonymous word for it. The word narcissism originates from Latin word narcissus. However, Narcissus was a Greek mythological character, who on seeing his own reflection in water fell in love with himself.

In modern usage, the word narcissism has different connotations.

A narcissist does not have a normal character and is an egomaniac. He is prone to pontificate and be unnecessarily authoritative . He has no intellectual maturity to accept criticisms.  One, hailing from ordinary economic background and then acquiring lot of money, or faulty upbringing during childhood, or genetic factors may render a person narcissistic. The leadership of such a person is undesirable, and he is likely to harass those who work with him. Narcissists get  intoxicated with wealth, authority, position and behave  abnormally unmindful of others’ welfare. Such persons are a threat to civilized society. In the end, a narcissist may become depressed, lose good health and suffer both physically and  mentally. Some of the leaders in the corporate world and politics exemplify narcissist syndrome.


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